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Tips for beautiful and healthy eyes

Tips fr th healthy nd btfl eyes:


1.Apply mixture f cucumber juice nd m amount f rose water around th eyes nd thn wash t ftr 10-15 min.It useful  t reduce swelling f h eyes.

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Tips Perfect Make Up

Make Up
In applying makeup sometimes thr r problems t gt th perfect result. Starting frm improving th appearance f eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose, r lips needed m tricks tht result desired...
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Beauty tips to remove tanning

Mt f th men nd women getting suffered frm th tanning problem.Tanning means th darkening f th skin due t th sun exposure.Due t th dll nd drk skin one loses thr appearance...

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The Right Supplements That Can Help You

Medicines r practically never recommended unless thr n immediate gd health need. Th suitable nutritional vitamins wll hl r cardiovascular system, sharpen r natural immunity, well improve r very wn sexual rel...
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Keeping Make-Up Lasting Longer

Retaining mk-up n prime condition a challenge fr busy. Bt wht n w d t mk up n last longer.

Here m tips fr long-lasting mk-up:

1. Concealer + Brush
U r fingertips t apply concealer...

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