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Oily skin: Problem Solved!

Finally, th much-coveted warmer weather h arrived! A sunny days r grt fr hwng ff summer dresses nd relaxing b th poolside, th n present a common problem: oily skin.  A greasy complexion requires special attention nd care, period. Hwr, whn th summer months roll around th battle f oily skin n become harder t […] Read More

This phase of Aging in Men

Mt f continue t follow th aging process through a mirror. Heres wht n nd n nt b seen b men h watched h face nd body fr many years.

Two decades. At th age, a man bgn t hw early signs f aging, though still ...

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Tips for Dark circles under the Eyes

Drk circles:
Dark circles under eyes

Take thin sliced cucumber n top f each eye fr 15 t 20 minutes, twice a day, relieves stress nd cools down th eyes.    

Mix almond oil nd honey, nd  Apply n th eyes nd th drk circles area r night before...

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Simple Hair growth tip with methi seeds water

Till now I h posted th beauty tips  using methi leaves fr dandruff nd pimples.Now I m going t give th real nd llnt tip wth methi seeds  water fr hair growth.Th tip n b easily followed b r boy nd girl...
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Great Tips for Anti Aging

A a mater f fact, everyone h t face th time f age someday. Bt, wth r few efforts w n still try t look young nd smart :)

Here i m going t share m very useful Home Remedies fr ANTI AGING:

Th oldest remedy t reducing ...

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