10 Quick And Healthy Breakfasts To Go

Although breakfast considered t b th mt mrtnt meal f th day, many people skip t b th feel pressed fr time before th g t work r school. Out f those wh d eat breakfast, many h convenience over nutritional value nd h t eat a doughnut, pastry r a ft-food breakfast sandwich.

1. Peanut Butter Pita

Peanut butter high n protein, whh n ideal nutrient t consume n th morning. Studies hw tht a protein-packed breakfast wll mk feel full fr a longer period f time nd, therefore, wll reduce r cravings fr snacks throughout th day. It wll l reduce th brain signals related t food motivation nd reward-driven eating.
T mk th meal, spread m peanut butter n whole wheat pita nd top wth m banana slices nd wheat germ, whh a gd source f iron nd zinc. Y n stuff everything inside th pita pocket t mk t easier t transport nd n l experiment wth different types f nut butters nd fruits.

2. Peanut Butter Waffle

Instead f drenching r waffle n butter nd syrup, spread m peanut butter n t. It wld b best t mk r wn waffle, bt f h t th frozen kind, h a waffle tht contains whole grains, whh wll stabilize r blood sugar nd wll mk feel fuller, longer. T add a lttl pizzazz, sprinkle m chopped nuts r raisins n top.

3. Egg Sandwich

Those egg-nd-muffin sandwiches tht gt t ft-food restaurants r full f ft, particularly saturated ft. Mk r wn egg sandwich instead, wth a whole wheat English muffin r whole wheat bread. U th entire egg, including th yolk, whh contains th muscle-building vitamin B12. Y n even add a few slices f turkey-bacon fr a protein boost, r substitute r egg wth tofu fr a vegetarian breakfast.

4. Cereal And Yogurt

Cereal nd milk a grt breakfast, bt t’s a lttl tough t eat whl commuting t work. Instead f using milk, mix bran flakes r granola clusters nt a container f yogurt. Yogurt high n calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12 nd protein nd, t l contains live bacteria cultures tht n rev up r immune system.

5. Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

If want t add a lttl kick t r morning, try th breakfast burrito. In a whole wheat tortilla, roll up m slices f a hard-boiled egg, green peppers nd avocado. Fr a spicy kick, add a spoonful f salsa, whh full f vitamin C. Wht mk th breakfast fun tht n mix nd match different fillings.

6. Veggie Egg Scramble

If th breakfast burrito doesn’t satisfy r egg craving, mk th instead. Whl a traditional omelet m require extra time nd care, t’s a lot ftr t scramble m eggs nd throw n th same ingredients wld n r omelet. U vegetables lk green peppers, olives nd mushrooms. Add n tomatoes, whh r heart healthy nd whatever thr vegetable lk.

7. Vegetable Pancakes

Th breakfast options ensures tht gt a daily serving f vegetables. Combine a half-cup f flour wth n egg nd a quarter-cup f milk. Add n carrots, zucchini, cabbage nd m scallions fr a lttl zest. Carrots r a gd source r carotenoids, whh th body turns nt vitamin A, whl zucchini a gd source f vitamin C nd cabbage n lower r cholesterol levels.
Although m nt h time t mk a batch f pancakes n th morning, n mk thm ahead f time nd freeze thm. Y n l add n n thr vegetables h.

8. Brie-Raspberry Panini

Studies hw tht eating cheese fr breakfast m hl t lower r cholesterol levels. S melt m brie r m mozzarella n whole wheat bread nd add m raspberry preserves r, better t, fresh raspberries. Raspberries r high n vitamin C, magnesium nd fiber nd contain antioxidants tht n prevent th development f macular degeneration nd even cancer.

9. Blueberry Scones

Scones r dl nd a lttl indulgent, n order t t a healthy spin n thm, fill thm up wth fresh blueberries, whh r rich n antioxidants. U whole wheat flour, oats nd flaxseed t gt a dose f fiber nd omega-3 fatty acids. Mk a few variations wth cranberries, whh prevent bacteria frm attaching t th urinary tract nd stomach lining, nd blackberries, whh r a gd source f vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, potassium nd magnesium. Whip up a batch f th fr th week, h a breakfast treat n grab nd eat n th g.

10. Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Strawberries r a gd source f vitamin C nd antioxidants, nd bananas r a gd source f potassium nd fiber. Blend a handful f strawberries nd a frozen banana wth one cup f cow’s r soy milk nd a spoonful f protein powder. Th smoothie grt b itself r whn paired wth n f th qk nd healthy breakfast d.
Mk sure d a lttl prep work th night before r sometime earlier n th week fr m f th breakfast d t hl save time. Th grt thing bt th qk nd healthy breakfasts tht mt f thm don’t require t sit down nd eat thm wth utensils.
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